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We’re bold. Candid. Research driven. And we get results.

We’re a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and a joint venture between The District Communications Group (DCG) and The Crux Firm (Crux).  

Our two companies have a long history of working together that grew organically into a mentor-protégé agreement in January 2021 under our first joint venture, CruxDCG, and now into our next evolution as Sigil—a symbolic beacon for powerful change.  A sigil, pronounced sih-jul, is an often-intricate emblem considered to have power or magical significance and can represent thoughtfully setting a desired outcome and actively working to achieve it. Sigil reflects our intention to exceed the goals of our clients. 

Together we have over 10+ years of combined experience supporting more than 35 contracts across a wide range of topics and public policy issues that affect Americans including human rights, terrorism prevention, veterans’ issues, human trafficking, small business entrepreneurship, education, and health care access and benefits. Our over 80 exceptional CPARS ratings speak for our proven ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. 


of Sigil employees are veterans


exceptional CPARS ratings from the government


number of Sigil employees


different federal agencies Sigil works with


active contracts supporting federal agencies

The Magic Behind Our Work
We put people first.

If we want to drive change and improve lives, we must understand the people we’re trying to reach. Through conversations and research, we uncover perspectives and motivations to understand how to influence behavior and drive change.  

We know conversations spark inspiration. Let’s connect!

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